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At the moment, this song is very basic; just the guitar part and a very easy bass line which I'm going to change later on when I play this to my band. For now though, what do you think? I'm going for a song which people will recognise and then get up and sing-a-long too. The lyrics at the moment are quite easy to rememeber, and are not difficult for a bunch of people to join in with, so I'm hoping the music is ok tell me what you think, and leave a link to anything you want me to have a look at cheers
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The song sounds like vocals would fit over it perfectly fine. Although I'd try to make the chorus a bit more catchy, you know? I like bars 13 and 14 but 15 and 16 are meh for the chorus. The song could use some variation in the guitar too, but since you said it'll be vocal driven that might not matter to you. Overall, its okay I suppose, I mean, I'd have to hear it with the vocals in it to give you better criticism since it is a vocal driven song, you said. If you could critic this, that'd be nice.