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Hey guys,

I'm planning to release an EP for my solo project (Siberian Blood Tiger) soon, and I was wondering how well the bandcamp "free for bad sound quality, pay what you want for more" model works, given a base price. I'm trying to find the most effective way to build a fanbase while making money at the same time to support my music/other things.

Thanks in advance.
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youtube, myspace, reverbnation. i actually love em more than bandcamp.. i do have a bandcamp but i opened it once only.. never got back... with the latter.. you have way more abilities and reverbnation can go even further for some money.. they also have free trial on every paid service so

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personally I love bandcamp. Completely free, amazing sound quality, simple and effective. All those other sites I find swarm you with stuff you don't really need. Myspace in particular I find difficult to get anything done with. Solely having a bandcamp page may not be the best option, but it certainly is a good one. Its the one I send anyone interested in my music to.

That being said, check it out (not so much for the music, but just for an example of a fellow musician using it) and see how well it would suit you.