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Hey guys, im trying to put together band but due to some constraints all I have are a drummer, a keyboard player, and myself as the guitarist. I was wondering if this was enough to pull off some rock or blues or things along those two genres. Will the sound be full enough? Or will it be lacking to some degree? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


P.S. If you guys think it's gonna work could someone please give me some bands as examples? Thank you again
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Yeah I think it would definitely work if you went for a sort of Organ Trio set up with the keyboard dealing with the Bass lines and rhythm parts and the guitar playing lead. It would definitely suit blues and you could probably adapt the setup to anything really. I know they used a Bass on record as well but The Doors are a good example of a band which is prominently Keys, Drums and Guitar.
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if the keyboardist can cover the bass range while playing his stuff than yeah it can be totalyl full

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The keyboardist will be able to play both rhythm guitar and bass with each hand.

I don't have a real example, but check out The Cat Empire, whilst they have a bassist they don't have a guitarist and their keyboard player does both rhythm and lead a the same time.

Not the best example, but hey.
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mix it up a bit, add some electro sort stuff like the lighter enter shikari stuff or bands like jogger or drop tune a bit and get some hardcore-step on the go haha!
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Personally, I think it would work better (or at least be easier to work) with an acoustic guitar that has a lot of bass response. But yeah, this should be fine, as long as your keyboard player has a strong left hand. For blues they're going to need to replicate the walking blues basslines.
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Yeah as long as you have a good keyboard player who can play the bass lines well and fill in what would be rhythm guitar at the same time.
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The Doors, at least instrumentally, were exactly what you've described. If they can make it work, so can you.
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Nope, the Bass Player's Union will strike and revoke your band permits.
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If you want to sound like a band that has only keyboards drums and guitar then sure it will work and could work damn well. But your not going to sound like you have a bass unless you have a bass, you'll sound like you have a keyboard playing bass parts. Which works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't same as having a bass player. It all boils down to if it sounds cool do it. If it doesn't, change it.
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I think when it comes to "Would it work?" with lineups, all you can do is try it!

If you think the sound lacks bottom end, find a bassist!
If you dig it, then cool!
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If the bass parts in your songs aren't really complex and fast then ya it will sound great it's just I find when you try and do lose slappy 'RCHP' type bass stuff it always comes out really sharp and tight on a keyboard that just might be my terrible keyboard skills though
Keyboards are straight gangsta though
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