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So I have been playing for a couple years, which I play a good 1-3 hours a day so I have progressed fairly well, and I have been considering adding an electric as I have a Fender Sonoran electric-acoustic, which I have to say I really enjoy and think the sound for what it costs was pretty good.

For what I like to play it is fairly wide but I guess my style is kinda bluesy, alternative stuff.

From what I have looked around I think the ones I have narrowed to are the Ibanez Artcore series or one of the Epiphones. So I guess any thoughts or experiences would be nice to hear, even if you suggest something other than those. I figure with my birthday in May it will be my gift.

Also any recommendations on a decent amp and effects would be cool as well.

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Epiphone Sheraton. Got one 3 years ago and I am continually impressed with the sound and it's wide range of tones. Of course last year I upgraded the pups to Seymour Duncan Seth Lover's, but even prior to that I was pretty happy with it's sound. I just knew it had a lot more potential, and it has certainly lived up to my expectations.
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The Epi wildcat is pretty sweet, as well. I have played both and both are great players. I went the wildcat route about 6 years ago. But if could do it again I would have saved a tiny bit more for a gretch 5120.