So, basicly I'm having bit of problem. I've already got the P90 pickups for the build, and I've also ordered a telecaster neck with a maple fretboard. So at this point I'm really having a hard time on finding out the best body shape for this build. So I'm really open for some good maybe a bit odd guitar shapes to be made into a semi-hollow.

I've already bought, some birch for the body, and than some pine for the top part. I know that pine has some problems to be used as guitar building material, but I got it cheap. There is also a bit of problem with the bridge, because I seriously want to use a TOM bridge with a stop bar, for this build. And at this point I'm thinking of two possible solutions how to solve the neck angle problem.

First make the neck pocket a bit less deep and into an angle, or than recess the tom bridge inside the body. Any suggestions on this problem ? I'll be starting this build as soon as possible. Just need to figure out these few problems.

And here some specs so far:

pickups: TESLA VR-P90
neck: telecaster neck with a 25,5" scale
body: semi-hollow, shape ???
birdge: tom with a stop bar
tuners: wilkinson maybe ?
controls: 2 vol, 2 tone, 3-way, parallel/series switch ??
hardware color: chrome or black ??
I've always been a fan of telecasters with a carved top, like so:
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I've already done two telecaster, with different setups, I just got the telecaster neck fot his, cause I got it cheap. So basicly no thinline tele, altouhg it's a classic guitar and lovely thing to play, but still something diffrent this time.
i like the es335 shape, but some people may find it too generic for a semi hollow
I've also made one es335 already. keep the suggestions coming. I've been thinking something like the gibson double cut or a fender double cut, but as a semihollow. Has anyone made one of those as a semi-hollow or some other type of project.
What about a fender starcaster ?

That would be scrumptious with P90s!
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A blueshawk with a telecaster neck would remind me a lot of a St. Blues 61 South, which looks to me to be a sweet guitar.

Okay.. had a little spare time for tonight and I also found a decent shot of a starcaster to draw at least some sort of an template for the body shape.

Here's a smaller version of the template to show some of the ideas I had for the controls etc. The template is a bit crude, but it still shows the bodies basic shape and gives the possibility to design the control placements etc.

I'm thinking of the possibility of making this baby have curved top and bottom. Cause the pine that I got for the top is something like 18mm thick and the body birch is about 50mm thick.. so basically those two combined I would have something like 68mm of body which is 2.72" inches. And I'm guessing that something like 60mm would be good thickness for the center part, and the sides could be something like a 50mm. Or at least that is the side thickness in my es335. So basically I would carve 5mm (0.2") off on each side.

Here's a link for the real sized image that you can print out and use as a template.
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Okay, I've been playing around with the body shape a bit, and made a bit different version of the original starcaster shape. It's basicly just a little bit of jazzmaster combined into the starcaster shape. I also added the pickups and also the bridge into the design.

The original starcaster shape:

The modified shape:

Which one I should start building ?