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if only Id found this thread 3 months ago. Id struggled to rage over my Ultiboard program being too complicated to draw pcb designs, and gave up. ended up drawing my pcb with a sharpie xD. that DIYLC software you recommend here is easy to use and wouldve saved me a few headaches.

thanks for this.

Better late than never I guess.
There is a link to this thread in the The GB&C Central Hub / Essential Links thread [Updated 7-28-10]

Quote by forsaknazrael
Learn how to use Eagle!

Good point John.
Although the learning curve to DIYLC is the closest thing you will see to a flat line.
Eagle has a learning curve, but a very easy to manage one.

And if/when you move on to Eagle, get the MadBean and/or Gaussmarkov Libraries.
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