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Hey, everyone.

Here again with another pop song like my others. (Drifted, Smile!, Lynna, etc.)
Not the awesome metal prog that you guys write, but a nice little pop song I think.
Lemme know what you think, C4C of course. The file is in GP4, or you can listen to an MP3 on my profile. It's the first song in the player.

Thanks for listening.
My Ideas - #117 - Red Flag.gp4
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I genuinely like it a lot! The vocal melody is very catchy and your chorus is reeeeeeally good. Your structure and songwriting is very good! You really need to record this!

And it's a very nice change from all this weird/experiemental/progressive metal. x

Edit: Also, as a bit of crit, I think the chords in the first part of the bridge should be ever so slightly more interesting I tried:

D, D, Em, Em, D, D, Em, C

and I think it sounds better, just an idea.
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Awesome, I love it! When you record this please send me an email or something.
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Hey, nice song. The vocal melodies were the standout to me, I enjoyed them. The lyrics were nice too, and this would sound really great as an acoustic song as well!