This is a solo part of a song I'm writing, recorded it yesterday.

Please tell me what you think!

I've updated the solo today (2011-03-21), hope you'll like it!

The new Solo!

The old Solo!
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I dig it man...the bluesy parts are cool and the sweeps sound really clean.
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Thanks dude! And its funny that you say "the bluesy parts" since thats exacly what I was going for to not get a too big neo-classical feeling on the solo
needless to say your sweeps are perfect, which is cool, but this solo is a bit boring,
try changing a bit here and there, every few sweeps change a couple of notes, stuff like that, and don't do the same thing again and again.
this is a cool bit, but it still needs a little work, i think.
Thanks both of you! I've got to agree that it needs some changes, but to my defense it was written just before I recorded it . I just love to sweep cause it sounds so organic
GREAT job. Maybe a little much with the sweeps in the beginning, but they were clean, so fun to listen to. I checked out your videos, and I think I like this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzw02Hygw48&feature=related) solo a little more but your obviously a good solo writer. Great job man...maybe upload the full song when its done
I'll upload the song once I'm done with it, I promise ! My singer will make it even greater, did you see the video where I jammed with him! I thank You all for the support too!
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I'll upload the song once I'm done with it, I promise ! My singer will make it even greater, did you see the video where I jammed with him! I thank You all for the support too!

I did, if you mean the accordion one I subscribed, and sent a friend request on Youtube, and I'll send one here too. Your a great player
Thanks both of you, your kind words mean a lot to me! I'm happy that someone like it
sounds great man, your technique is very very good, very clean sweeps!
sounds cool but you might want to throw some 'normal' licks in between here and there to spice it up a bit (mentioned before ^) but this does the job too, great stuff man
The sweeps were clean, but it sounded to me like the middle notes got lost in the runs - the tone was a little thin, I think (that may have been the entire problem right there). Add some gain, mids, or just compress it some. That ought to even the notes out (that applies to rhythm and lead parts).

The riff was very reminiscent of Paul Gilbert's rhythm stuff (it sounded kind of like the middle part of Technical Difficulties, now that I think of it). The sweeps were interesting and clean, but they got repetitive. Maybe play them twice and move on? Or harmonize them? Or maybe add a lower melody underneath them? Any of those would break up the monotony (relatively speaking).
sweeps are on point brotha keep it up! and dont be afraid to explore other sweep patterns!
I can't sweep so I hate you :P That was cool, but maybe try add in a few different notes to some of the sweeps to change it up a bit? I don't know how hard that would be, but just a thought.
Thanks guys! I know its a little repetitive but as I said I wrote it just before I recorded it. All of your advice is stuff that i can agree on and will eventually change it ! I don't really like Paul Gilbert though, he sounds a little bit too much like a robot in my opinion but he is one of the most technically gifted guitarists so for you to compare me to him is a great compliment!
ErikES (bro from Orebro),
Thanks for the reviews! The rhythm guitar riffs are good notes/chords, though I wish the playing on those were a bit tighter. Basic drum beat is good, though I would like to hear more drum fills. The highlight is the sweeping: nice!! The other lead guitar is good too! Rock on man!
Hey man, thanks for the crit, and you're good at sweeping. I like the way it's used in this solo, but the other parts do seem kind of lacking both tonewise and as far as melody goes. I like the change from the sweeps, but it needs to sound fuller, it seems like there's a lot of empty space that could be capitalized on so much better. If you get a brighter lead tone with some delay or something going on, I think it would help the sound a lot as well (I understand that this is just a demonstration of the solo itself btw, just saying). Just a few changes here and there and some variation, and this could be really good! As far as the variation goes, I think a tremolo picking melody in the middle of the last section of sweeps would help a lot. I heard it in my head as it was going on, so I'll just throw that out there.
The sweeps are indeed good, they seems to drag on a bit though. If you add some harmonies in there the sweeps would be ace, or in the pauses between the sweeps in the beginning, have a second guitar play another sweeping pattern, maybe the harmony, and when you pick it up bring in both guitars for nice big harmony.

The solo bits in between were nice, I wish they were a bit longer though, the transitions from sweeping to solo was a little stiff, like you were unsure if thats how you wanted to end it. The last little lead bit at the end definitely seemed to end way too soon.

All in all, I think if you keep building on this idea it will really turn into a great solo.
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its a really good little instrumental part but i think its too long to be an intro to a song. Its really great though. I good see it developing into instrumental song, but you're going to have to come up which a few other licks, which after seeing that, I don't think will be a problem.
Loved the note at 0:52. As others have said before, it gets a little repetitive with the sweeps. Try throwing some sweeps into your bluesy part as some grace notes. Try including another chord progression in there, too. (Granted your song won't be off one chord progression) But i do like the chord progression, by the way! The song should turn out nice - it has a great feel!
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lmao I wrote a song exactly like this one.
same exact chord progression. same exact sweeped arpeggios.


it sounds pretty good overall.

but I can seriously hear you strumming.
You are a much better guitar player than I could ever hope to be, so keep anything I say in the perspective of a mouse critiquing a giant:

As everyone before has said already, the sweeps are top notch and I very much dig the progression you have. Yes, you do repeat them a bit too much, but you seem to have them functioning as the refrain of your solo, so it makes sense structurally.

For the non-sweep part of the solo, I am of the opinion that the first one should have notes of a lower regester. Perhaps this will give you some nuance to your sound, as you won't be operating around the 12th fret all of the time. The second solo-bit could then be higher, and it would seem like your solo is building off of itself. I hope I explained that well enough.

Also, depending on the make up of your band, the sweeping bits can be repeated a bunch without fear of becoming overly monotonous. If you have a rythm guitar player, he can sprinkle in some magic to supplement your playing: different chords, rythms, and maybe even their own complimentary riff. Likewise, the bass player can do the same if he's up for it, but he should probably focus more on laying down a foundation for you.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Its a great display of guitar skill, and very good for a first draft of a solo. Good luck with the finished product!

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In about two hours there will be a new version up on Youtube! Of course I'll edit my first post so that you can easily find it when it's up

@aaron aardvark
Thanks dude! Yeah The rhythm guitars could've been a little tighter and it would need more drum fills.

I've filled the spaces in the new update, though not with tremolo-picking. Thanks for the critique and watch the new video and see if you think it's better.

Thanks a lot dude!

@The Uncreator
Thanks! you had lots of good critique and I've thought about what you wrote in your post, take a look on the update and tell me what you think

Thanks a lot! I've got a few new licks in the update check it out and tell me if you like it

Yeah I like the part at 0:52 too, it's there still in my version 2 of the solo/song!

Oh really?
Thanks dudette !

Thanks a lot! I dont see myself as a giant on the guitar though. I've changed the solo a bit in the new version so that I move around the fretboard a little more, take a look and tell me what you think!
It was quite good, but I think the drums need to be more exciting. I know there probably wasn't a lot you could or even wanted to do about that, but it'll highlight your guitar playing, which was very good.


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Thanks dude! There's a new version up on youtube now, but the drums is still the same ! would love to have great drums but it's a pain in the ass to program those !
Thanks for the crit!

That was a very skilled performance. You seem to have it together and whether or not people think you're good is all a matter of personal preference now. My question is what do you plan to do with your music? There are tons of great guitarists putting videos up on Youtube, what are you going to do that will set yourself apart?

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I think this will sound pretty sweet with a full band playing with you. The sweeping is very clean sounding (especially compared to the older version). I would maybe try to come up with something more intricate between the phrases where your sweeping. What you had isn't bad at all, I just feel like the sweeping is so tight, the rest could be sick too.
Hey man returning the critique. Very well played. The sweeps are nice and clean I really like the part where you go into the 2 note stop things. I would say the actual solo is great and the playing is about 95% There are just the slightest of timing and bending issues. Great job. Look forward to hearing more from you in the future.
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Hey man, serious skills you have there! I'm not a huge fan of sweeping for the sake of sweeping, so those parts didn't thrill me too much, but the more bluesy parts were really well done. I'd take out the sections where it's just arpeggio after arpeggio, and maybe just throw a sweeped arpeggio in once during some of the bluesy stuff.

OH, and write a whole song to go with it!

Well done, my friend.
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Hey, thanks for the critique man. Loved the solo, the sweeps were very clean, but I prefered the more melodic part, maybe add some wider bends in there. Overall fantastic solo though.
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Returning the crit.

I will label some hot spots I enjoyed and one trouble area from my few listens

:40-43 very cool transition and a nice sustained note at the beginning
:49 was a trouble spot for me didnt like how cut that note was.

Throughout the sweeps are cool although I personally got a bit tired of it and when I did I started to notice the drum machine etc

Taste wise I'm no expert in this style of music but these are my comments/observations