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I posted an earlier version of this a few days ago under Regular riffs.
I have worked on this for the past few days.
I'm not a drummer or a bassist, so I just did what I could.

Any helpful/constructive critique is welcome.
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Really like Bars 62, 74, 103, 119-120

But some of your ideas are really generic and repetitive.
For example, your riff that repeats at bars 12, 16, 18 etc. gets really boring so I would advice on spicing that up a bit.

Also there are parts when one guitar changes slightly and the other stays the same, this is a good idea but you haven't executed it well. (Bar 79)

Try adding some kind of harmony, or another chord or a bit of lead to keep it interesting.

The drum beat suits the song well but there is a lack of fills and diversity.

The solo guitar needs more work, it's a bit repetitive and the choice of notes could be better (IMO).

However the structure is very good, and if you carry this on and add an interesting bridge and maybe a solo this could turn out to be very good.