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Hey I would like to play some songs but i dont no how 2 tune a half step down so how do i do that whats the notes u tune it in to cuz i cant watch videos cuz i have the verizon mifi so its a long story so i need just the notes you tune it in to cuz i cant wact a video thanks a ton
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do you have a tuner? hit the flat button once. tune it. the end.

or else tune your E to the sixth fret on the A string and tune the rest to the E flat.
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If you have a good ear you can try the many "live" tunings on the web of stepping down. Remember that it doesn't take much of a turn on the pegs. Listen carefully, tune and you should be ready.
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Yeah. If you can by ear, and you use the guitar tab software "Guitar Pro", then you can change the tuning from standard to down half a step, and tune your guitar to that of the computer.
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