So we finished guitars to my band's first debut song when we hit the studio in a few weeks. I'm not sure what we should change or keep as is, especially with the lead parts though (how are we feeling about the pre-breakdown solo?).

Our biggest influences are Metallica, Bullet, A Day To Remember, ACDC, The Nightlife (lesser known band who plays Bluesy/Southern Post Hardcore/Metalcore stuff), Testament, As I Lay Dying, and a few others ranging all over the place genre wise. So we were trying to combine all these tastes to create something that can appeal be heavy and appeal to a lot of people and this was the product. Honest constructive crit and I'll be sure to c4c [:


The lead parts are off time in some parts , I had trouble trying to get it to synch it all together, just wanted something rough before I re-record another version in a few days.

edit: added a much better tighter/little revised version

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Not much to say - sounds like if you record it in good quality, with drums bass and vocals, it could be a pretty kool song.
it feels like you got the style you wanted so not much to change there,
only thing i can really say is - if you're gonna take it in a studio soon, start practicing it with a metronome today.
play it really slow, and then a bit faster than it should be, practice each bit of it atleast 5-10 minutes a day, then when you enter the studio you'll hit it in a couple of takes max, and waste a lot less time and money, and have a more professional feel, and, not to mention, it will sound a whole lot better.

Good luck with that.

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Yeah not much to add really, would just be improved by a decent recording/production. I imagine the addition of drums and bass etc will reallly add to this, it has potential. Do you have a singer?. Only thing I can criticize is I think some of the lead bits may be a touch out of time, this is probably just down to practice though. Good effort!