My little sister (16) is eating powdered snickerdoodle mix with a spoon.

Barring any "lol, fat american" jokes, does anybody else eat the powdered cookie/cake/etc. mix?
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I snort that shit.

But really, that's gross. However, there is an upside. Rather than having to bake goods for her, or provide her with bread, you can provide her with raw materials. Give her stalks of wheat and a cow and she'll be fine.
I used to eat Ovaltine powder all the time when I was little.
I eat cake/cookie/brownie dough/batter but not the powder.
I will need pics to provide an accurate answer.
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That sounds like something one would do whilst feeling the effects of THC. THC is the chemical compound found in Marajuana (Mair-uh-hua-nuh) and cause light hallucinations, whimsical feelings and increased appetite. This increased appetite can lead to eating foods, and combinations of foods, that one may have never even imagined before.

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Which is why you eat funions. All the deliciousness of fried onions without disgusting lukewarm onion snake.
If you mix it with milk, it becomes tasty. Just as powder though? Gross.
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How the hell do you eat powder? I have a friend who does it, wouldnt you choke because of all the little particles?
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Just the powder? Ew, no.
I'll eat like, cookie dough and stuff. But just powder would be nasty.

I don't use those box cakes/cookies/brownies anyways.
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