Elephant Upstairs!

Check out our tracks, especially Little Boy Astro and Crayons, our two newest tracks! Leave me some feedback here or on soundcloud and I'll listen to some of your stuff in return feel free to post here or message me. Thanks : )
Little boy astro sounds awesome. great sound, and feel to it.
enjoyed listening to it alot

the crayons song is also very good. you've got good fun music, and an original way to play it i think.

just work a bit on your vocals, both lead and backing, and thats it - they sound good, just not confident enough i think.

other than that, i enjoyed listening alot, keep going

plz listen to my song? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1421169
Yeah, Im really digging this. Its really original, something I could totally listen to on a regular basis. But like Semus said the main vocal is a little weak, but I like the backing vocals. Keep up the good work!
Everything sounds kind of distant, but this is an interesting sound. Instrumentally, things are a bit sloppy, but in kind of a Violent Femmes sort of way, so not completely a bad thing, might even add to the appeal. Sounds somewhat quirky & odd, but I kind of like it. Please review my music at this link: