So I decided to record myself just for fun because I thought I would just watch the video and then erase it. I was home alone and then my dad came home unnoticed while I was playing, so instead of deleting it, he insisted on keeping the video on his computer and then decided to post it online and send it to his friends.

So now that it's out, might as well get some criticism amirite?


The original is a bit louder than my guitar, but I am actually playing and not faking as you'll see from my mistakes and from the end where the song fades out. (Got a very similar tone).

3:30 Played too slow. (It's Kirk's mini solo from Rock am ring 08)
4:43 My dad sneaks in xD
5:08 Mistake as you can tell by my face.
5:21 Fail tapped harmonic
6:15 My guitar tone without song.

Ignore my paranoid looks (thought i heard someone come home :p), and the random song that came up on shuffle at the end.

Leave a link for C4C.
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First things first. You need to turn up your amp because I can hardly hear you play.

Mechanically speaking your playing was fine. You should add vibrato to your lead lines so they pop out a little more. Loosen up too. Your fingers look very stiff.

Overall, you played it very good! Just keep those things I mentioned in mind next time you do a cover.

Check out mine?


You can drop any crits in the thread for it or on the video. I don't mind either way.
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Sounds great bud. I pretty much agree with everyone above. Turn it up and loosen up! overall great job. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1421941 If you could find thte time to comment on that I would be grateful. Thanks!
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