For those of you who don't know who Peter Popoff is:


My question is; Obviously what he's doing is horrible, and exploits Christianity for money and all that jazz, but has he done anything illegal? Or could one raise an argument that he has done something illegal?

Sometimes I watch him if I'm up at 3 am for some lulz. But it is depressing when I see people who have such strong faith in him. Really I don't think all of them are stupid. I think a lot of them are just scared and desperately want comfort in their fears.

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If he's profiting from fraud, it's illegal.

EDIT: he cannot sell water and salt and claim that it heals people. There must be something in the fine print that disallows him of any verbal claims he makes. Although I do believe he could be sued and defeated in court (although I bet he'd settle to keep his reputation) on the basis that the verbal explanation CANNOT be contrary to the terms of purchase, as most people do not read them.

There have been lawsuits over safety issues in products where the companies have lost because people are stupid. So this man could be defeated in court.
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If people there can't figure out that it's not god speaking to him and they want to give their money then fine.

****ing retards.
After James Randi fucked him up in the 80s, exposing him as a complete fraud, I can't believe people can be so incredibly stupid to believe anything this guy says.

EDIT: James Randi.




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My God, this must be the smartest/greatest guy ever.
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I saw the ad on late at night once, so signed my friends address up as "Rusty Shackleford" as a joke. He has gotten all sorts of bull shit trying to get money from people in exchange for bull shit like "debts" "loneliness" "sadness"

It's exploitation of people via a religion, something that has been going on for AGES.