I have a Epiphone Les Paul Gibson (sunburst) Model for sale, its in perfect condition bar a missing screw on the scratch plate on the side. I bought it new in 1999 from PMT in southend, and its still in great shape, in sound and wear terms. Its totally genuine (i have receipt from pmt still), and its from the samick factory, in Korea which the epis there are renowned for being great build quality and sound. I can fully vouch for that.... its a gorgeous guitar.

Just been re-strung and serviced by a pro guitar tech. Its totally stock from 1999, and you guys dont need details as you will know enough. Apart from the screw and the odd buff on the finish, its perfect, its never been gigged or taken out the house.

Amp/stand not included.

I have better pics at home which i will upload this evening UK time. I wont deliver and only accept cash, on pick up. I live in Essex uk, and further details will be given out privately.

Im looking at £250 please.
Epiphone Les Paul Gibson?????

you mean Epiphone Les Paul...

which model is it?
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