Poll: Danelectro D-2 FAB Overdrive or Boss SUPER OverDrive SD-1?
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View poll results: Danelectro D-2 FAB Overdrive or Boss SUPER OverDrive SD-1?
Danelectro D-2 FAB Overdrive
1 20%
Boss SUPER OverDrive SD-1
4 80%
Voters: 5.
Ok I have a TS9 that I use as my main OD pedal this is basically a straight up in my room practice pedal so I'm not willing to spend more than like $40 on it.
I'm just going to get the danelectro unless someone convinces me that the boss is really worth the extra $25 ha. The only real pro of the boss I currently see is the metal housing that could potentially be used as a live backup since it's sturdy.
Also take into consideration I usually play stevie ray vaughan style blues - the not as heavy blues so I don't need a thick solid overdrive, and I'm not sure of a huge difference in the two pedals. It will be run through a fender frontman amp as well (practice amp).

Any opinions or personal experiences would be great thanks
FYI, the Dano sounds like ass if used with batteries. Or at least mine did.
I'm going to say this: Danelectro's owner donated $10,000 to Prop 8. They're never getting my business. It's a shame, since they have some cool stuff, but I guess I can buy used if I really want something of theirs.

So I recommend the Boss by default.
Yeah it'll be run through a power cord not battery. If that makes a monumental difference for practicing.
I've got 3 pedals that I use. The Dano eats baterries like a professional hotdog eater. If you're going with the Dano, make sure you get a power adapter. Other than that, it's decent.