It's been 5 long years, but The Darkness are back and have been added to the friday night of Download opening for Def Leppard
It has also been announced that they are recording material for their third studio album in Dan's home studio, Leeders Farm just outside of Lowestoft.

They have just launched a new official website.

I can't wait for some tour dates
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i don't just like, i LOVE.
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YESSSS!!Good news.
I went to the zoo the other day, there was only one dog in it, it was a shitzu.

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love the Von Kaiser mustache that he's rocking..
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That bassist is such a boss. I've never properly listened to the band, but I once bought a poster of theirs on the sole account of them being badass.

good call.
Belief is a beautiful armour but makes for the heaviest sword.
I Am So ****ing Excited.
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Looks like Justin has traded his jumpsuits for a killer moustache. Was it worth it? Only time will tell. He sure looks strange in a tshirt.
This isn't coincidence
there's no such
Hell, they would rock BDO. I'm only a casual fan but I'd love to see that.
This isn't coincidence
there's no such

8 November LIVERPOOL, O2 Academy 0844 477 2000
9 November EDINBURGH, HMV Picture House 0844 847 1740
10 November GLASGOW, O2 Academy 08444 999 990
12 November NEWCASTLE, O2 Academy 0844 477 2000
13 November MANCHESTER, Academy 0161 832 1111
14 November BRISTOL, O2 Academy 0844 477 2000
16 November BRIGHTON, Dome 0844 477 2000
17 November SOUTHAMPTON, Guildhall 023 8063 2601
18 November BIRMINGHAM, O2 Academy 0844 477 2000
20 November CAMBRIDGE, Corn Exchange 01223 357 851
21 November SHEFFIELD, O2 Academy 0844 477 2000
22 November NOTTINGHAM, Rock City 0845 413 4444
24 November NORWICH, UEA 01603 508 050
25 November LONDON, HMV Hammersmith Apollo 0844 844 4748

3 December CORK Savoy
4 December DUBLIN Olympia
5 December BELFAST Ulster Hall
Wow, what a fall from grace haha. I know they've been gone for 5 years, but last time they were in Manchester they played our arena (which is the largest in Europe) and now they're essentially playing a club.
I figure the way it works is that they probably have to prove to the world that they can still do their magic. Bear in mind that they're probably not as popular as they were 5-6 years ago I'm sure when they release their new album they'll fire up the arenas again(I hope).
Anyone have an idea how much the tickets will cost for their tour?
Anyone got any good tips for getting the fuzzy tone Justin uses in the solo of Growing On Me?
Can't wait to hear some new music.

Permission to Land is easily in my personal top 25 albums of all time. Wasn't as keen on their second effort, but Permission must have stayed in my CD player or somewhere near by for at least 2 years.
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I'm going to see them in Manchester on the 13th November, can't wait ^^
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Saw them in Edinburgh a few weeks ago. Absolutely brilliant. Back better than ever, and the catsuits are still very much alive.