No not really.

those things arent the best guitars out there. unless you play it and really like it, I would let it go.

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I'd leave it,It was most likely shit in the 60's and just beacuse it's old doesn't mean it aint shit today.
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For that price i would probably have bought it becuase its cheap and i like to tinker with stuff. But if you're tight on money it probably is not worth it.
Doesn't look too well made.
I'd spend the money on something better.
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Thats one ugly guitar. It looks tacky with the silver pick guard over the wood effect. No, I would leave it. Save another £70 and you can pick up a much better guitar that would last longer and look a helluva lot better!

(No offense meant to anyone that actually has one of those guitars! :-s)
Looks a bit like an Ibanez JetKing, better look for one of those if you like the shape of this guitar. JetKing's are great guitars for a lower budget.
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Cheers for the responses, Ill have a play on it but you're probably right about the overall quality of the guitar. Ill have a look into the JetKing as well, cheers for the advice,