I've always really loved those kinds of riffs. They way they just make you wanna "get the **** up" that's a term AND a quote . Wes Borland and Tom Morello did them best in my opinion.

But what exactly makes them "work"? How would you break down playing like that on a theoretical level. Kind of like you would break down blues guitar which is: Minor Pentatonic + flat 5, lots of bending, vibrato and micro-tonal variations (I know there's more to it then that but then you'd be getting into vague concepts like "feel" which can't really be discussed objectively).
I know groove in general can be hard to define just like with phrasing, the slower you play the harder it is to break it down into numbers (and most of those riffs are pretty slow) though I have a suspicion that with that sort of playing (the 90's huge riffs kind of) it's more a deal of rhythm and timing.

WAY HUGE GUITAR GROOVES how the **** do they work ? *trollface*

P.S. Let's stay away from things like "it's what you put into it", "playing from the heart", "feel" etc. For one thing that's A GIVEN. Secondly they can't really be discussed objectively.
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It's the instruments placing emphasis on a particular point(s) in a bar, and building up to it, whether it be in 4/4 or whatever.
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There's no theory. Its just feeling. You can stay away from that. If you dont feel that hiphopmetal shit then you wont get it.
Its a beat of less bass...even more off-beatlike. Hit hats, too and wild crashes in chorus....
Jumping feeling....for the snare. mostly half of a bar. And power-chords downtuned, with many stopps and muted shit...less chord change.

If this sounds stupid its coz it aint a theory there and it sucks to do one or need one.
feel it or play techno....!!!

here some riffing I'd do for that kinda music....

what was the rest? only could open limp bizkit...
Rage against the machine?????