Epiphone LP Standard w/ Stock Pickups
Line 6 Spider 4 15w
Digitech rp355

Genre: Rock, Blues, Metal
Budget: 650$ (700$, but my preferance is 650$)
City: Louisville KY
Future Interest: Roland GR-55 Synthesizer, A good amp, a nice set of pickups that will play Rock/Metal/Blues, Better Guitar

which would be better for small gigs, and my genres that i enjoy

i think the tiny terror would be better suited. might need a pedal for metal but for rock and blues the thing will have it covered
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Yeah, go for the Orange. The Bugera is a Matchless-style amp and I can't imagine anybody playing metal on a Matchless. (That said, Matchless is my favorite brand; I just don't think that's the sound you want.)
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