I'm working on a vintage telecaster project and am looking for specific saddles.

http://www.axesrus.com/axeSaddlesh.htm (last one on that page)

problem is, I've found a few places that sell them, and they are all in europe. living in america, I don't want to deal with outrageous shipping to america.

does anyone know of a parts website that I can get these saddle from in the states?
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Those are standard vintage tele saddles. You should be able to find them anywhere. Check stewart macdonald or go to a store and you can have them ordered from Fender.
I've only been able to find them on full bridge assemblies (like a few of the ones at Guitarfetish) and some ridiculously pricey "rare vintage" set on eBay. But ask the Guitarfetish guys, that's what I'd do.