well recently my electric drums broke down on me but I wanted to get the new songs that me and my friend were working on out to people so I made some rough acoustic versions of the songs, and there's one cover on there just because I like that song xD
anyways the songs are here --> http://soundcloud.com/10000-hours
and of course c4c
I really dug all the stuff you guys had posted, especially the cover of "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong" and "Arrogance". I'm always a sucker for the pop punk thing, but even if I wasn't I think I'd still find your music very enjoyable. The acoustic renditions were cool, but I'd love to hear it properly with a full band. I also thought the harmonies on "Arrogance" were awesome. Keep it up dudes. I just posted a new song on my profile, c4c?
There's no "I" in team, but there is a "U" in cunt.
actually we were going to do a full band version of arrogance, but right before we did the drums the e-drum's bass pad broke xD everything else on it is done though lol and I'll get right on that crit