Hey yall I’m playing a fender acoustic unmiked and it’s got some crazy low end boominess. I’m thinking of dropping the string gauge to try and reduce that but that’s honestly because I have no idea what to change otherwise. I’m normally an electric player so this is kind of out of my area of expertise. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance yall.
lighter gauge strings will probably help, also try strumming closer to the bridge to change your tone a bit.
Good advice. You don't say what model you've got, but I presume it's a dreadnaught? These guitars are often a little bass-heavy.
thx guys. lets see its a fender tbucket so ya its a dreadnaught. and im using thin celluloid picks for acoustic. im gonna drop the gauge when i get home from work later to see if that helps any. thx for all of your help guys
^ Try picking closer to the bridge first. It might save you the cost of strings.
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Different kind of strings might help as well. Phosphor Bronze stings are qsually pretty bassy. Maybe try a 80/20 string. They are made of copper and zinc. I like martin 80/20 lights.
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hey yall just wanted to let yall know that i finally switched em out. i put on some DR zebras in 12s and holy crap it brightened up a ton. thanks for all the help guys
i have the same guitar! i gotta agree, the stock strings were base-heavy but try d'addario .12 80/20 bronze strings, they're a lot brighter sounding. good luck!
DR and Elixer strings are some of the brightest and best sounding coated strings i've played. Good choice with the DR's.
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dreads are boomy and hard to controll. If you are micing and recording then some fancy eq work to reduce the lower mids should be all you need. If you are playing completely acoustic then there isn't much you can do. Strumming closer to the bridge, getting strings that are specifically meant to be bright, and putting a small C clamp on the headstock are the only things I can think of that would be simple fixes.

Oh and if you have a plastic saddle then swapping that for bone or tusq will help too.
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