Hey i'm a classical guitarist and i'm planning on playing at the open mic night at the local student union but i need another song to play. I don't sing so i need a hard hitting an instrumental to get a bar full of drunk students attention.

I've got this down www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DctCyO-E3s an instrumental cover of living on a prayer which i think'll do the trick but i can't find anything else suitable. Theres a lot of Andy Mckee or Ulli Boegershausen style stuff i can play, beautiful compositions, but i'm worried will just go over the head of a drunken rowdy bar used to singers belting out songs.

Any suggetions would be really appreciated
Reads as though you may be playing for some Irish folk. You will need to cater to their mentality so, try Sublime's Santeria or some Chili Peppers with your own flare to it. Sublime and Chili Peppers songs on acoustic are slam dunks especially on open mic night with rowdy drunks. The Bon Jovi cover was good but you will bore them with that and they will lose interest fast.

Hope this helps and good luck!
The Ocean by John Butler Trio
just don't drag intro for too long, overall it has plethora of different styles in it.
La Patrie Motif
Martin 000-15M
Silver Creek T160