Hey Everyone!

I don't know what's cooking with my Reaper. I did get this working but afraid it may occur again, I am asking for help for future references because I have no idea what happened.

I opened Reaper and began to record with mic plugged in and the entire sound system went ballistic, the master volume levers blasted to the top clipping, banging and it sounded like a rocket geared up and ready to blast. Happen twice after opening this program. Couldn't record or anything, thought my speakes were going to blow or something, does anyone know what happened? I opened it up a 3rd time and it appears to be fine.

Also understand, I only have had this program for two days, so I thought,...mmm maybe a bad download. I uninstalled the entire program, re-installed and it did it again twice with new re-installement. As I said, it appears to be working fine for the moment.

I am taking back a Yeti Ulitmate USB mic, I had issues with it from the get go, however, I did notice the styro foam in the top part of the box upon opening had been busted up and pieces missing. My husband seems to beleive it comes this way. I had trouble with the Yeti on account of it not recording at all about 3 different times throughout the day unless I re-opened Reaper and started over. Aslo, the mute light wouldnt go to mute several times, it stayed lit so the mute was goofy. Tried two different headphones in port offererd for this use with my ( EL CHEAPO ) headphones. I could barely hear anything unless my pie hole was right on the mic. I did try to adjust this with the (gain) button on mic and so forth, nothing. I am off shortly to return this device for a Shure vocal mic sm58, $99.00 and or for headphones...>Shure SE 115 phones and or SRH440 Pro around phones. When I used my cheapy headphones yesterday from being plugged into the digital port in front of computer, they worked fine, today when I tried to record..the dreaded re-verberation and shadowing, ( I sing ) and then my voice comes back again over me. Of course they dont work in the mic port hook up on my Yeti but a pair of cheap's from a Mac sort of work.

I suppose this mic is ok, but I dont need the 3 extra heads, just need Cardoid and I think Shure will do the trick, thus allowing for a few more hard earned bucks to purchase some relatively decent headphones.

So I suppose, need all the nickles I can fold into my pocket these days so I am limited finacially.

What's the deal with my Reaper? geezzz, I dont want to blow my speakers out, nothing has changed..why did this happen?

The sounds in Reaper likely have to do with your sound card or faulty drivers from the USB mic. Make sure you've got the latest drivers from the manufacturer for both your sound card and any USB stuff you have.

If you're serious about recording vocals I'd suggest getting a starter interface (such as http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/FastTrack.html) and a condenser mic (check http://www.tweakheadz.com/microphones_for_the_home_studio.htm). If you're going this route, make sure the interface you choose has phantom power. A condenser will get you much better results than the sm58. I'd also advise against any USB mics for serious recording.
Hey Odirunn,

Thank you for your reply, well I kept this thing open for an hour or so and had to blaze the trail and get the gear as this was the only day open again for me to fiddle around with.

I Spent all day yesterday messing with that other gear returned it today and here is my purchase, didn't get your message in time but I did see the interface you supplied by the URL at the Guitar Center and considered it. Ok, here is what I purchased.

Pocket Studio Tascam DP-004. It uses a SD card for recording. I then did buy a SM58 ($99.00) as to be able to use with this Tascam and not the connecters for the computer. Geezzz, I was up to $372 and that is with the two year warranty on the Tascam, not the Mic. The cable was $20.00, thankfully I can just use my old white Mac ear phones, at least for now.

Ya, its like I used that USB mic and my Reaper went out of control, not sure if its still happening or not, this is my latest stop before sawing off logs to enter the real world tomorrow again. I thought, what the heck, might as well give this a whirl. This Tascam is not an interface that has integrated measures with having choice in intruments, its just a recorder from what I gather. Record, put the SD card into my computer and if I wish to use a mixer of sorts I can do so by getting something simple. I have to tell ya though, that Reaper was complicated compared to Garage band by all means. I figured that out without tutorials but have been trying to educate myself about Reaper with the on-line tutorials.

For another $200.00 I could have bought a Tascam that had the instrumental additions + + but figured, why do that when I can do the rest of it in my computer. I do want a more selective interface with all the goodies eventually, I guess for now I will fiddle with this. Oh and uh, no more USB mics, just hoping the set up I have is not too shabby. Found the mic as a recommendation in here so I jumped on it.

Now I see what you left and am having second thoughts. I am going to un-install Reaper all together for the time being. Even so Reaper leaves all kind of tracks on your computer, you have to manually clean them up, found over 100 after the un-install. Optimization keeps my pc running smoothly. Reaper is excellent for the money, don't get me wrong, but simplicity is my desire as my time is sqeazed alot. Ok, well thanks on all of this. Going back to that URL you dropped off for me, thanks again, its appreciated.

Reaper has what is called "Non Destructive Editing" which in a nutshell means it saves every audio file you record into your projects. Even if you end up slicing up an audio file, it still saves the original. This also means it saves all the takes you've recorded, even after you delete them from the project window. Once you're happy with all the takes you have, you can go to file>clean current project directory and it will list every audio file in the project directory that is not being used. From there you can select them all and delete.

There's no where on that 4-track to plug in an XLR mic, like the sm58, without an adapter. I'd definitely return the four track and go with the fast track or comparable interface. It's the roughly the same price as the tascam.
Hey Odirunn..

Can I hit you up a moment? I do have the adapter for mic for the Tascam in which would apply more than likely with the Fastrack interface. At least I think. I couldn't afford the XLR, only from what I have seen with the pricing.

Ok, with this Tascam, I haven't been able to fool with it just as yet, but will be on it Saturday, I have the grand-daughter here tonight and helping an eldery friend tomorrow. Ok, here is my question.. Why do you feel the Fastrack is better than the Tascam? see? I dont know, I dont think the Tascam Pocket Studio has any other options but recording, so I am thinking this is why you recommended the other? The Tascam was $189 or $199 something like that, so if I return that, your saying that the other offers the 4 track I need and the interface that is closest to Garage Band in which I was familiar with. All in all the addition for a more reasonable price. Is Fast track as good as Reaper?? or at least comparable? Geezzz, listen to me will ya? like I know anything, thats why I am asking you..I really am considering taking it back Tascam for that purpose. Oh ya and one other thing. I may do a system restore on my computer back two weeks before Reaper to see if those drivers are ok..They are updated. Maybe that stupid USB mic did something to it because it too has its own sound card. If I get the Fastrack and it does this on my pc I am going to be in a pickle, I will be at a loss then.

Off to see the Wizard, not not really, off to work, the wizardry comes through my blood, sweat and tears.

Ok, here is the plan...

I did purchase a Shure SM58 mic mainly because of its know durability but I can work around the sound issues as well, I think. Sunday the Tascam goes back, its a great peice of equiptment and I needed to test it out but its really not what I am looking for. I will purchase the Fastrac and hopefully that will do the trick. I going to you tube to see tutorials on how to use the program for recording after scanning Ultimate forums. There is a bevy of choices here and how to learn what it is you need to know, I dig the Sonic Orbs tutorials on Reaper, its choice!!!

I will be back if need be, but thanks to everyone here, without this help is excrutiatingly painful to rope this stuff together. Thank Goodness for this forum and the enduring headaches from us beginners.