So I recently came across an ad on craigslist that advertised getting paid to evaluate/test items. I asked for some more information, and I received this response:

I'm going to try and sum this up as briefly as I can so neither one of us spends more time than required on this if you decide it's not for you. I already mentioned how I'm looking for people to get paid to try products because the sites I work with pay me to bring in and train new users, so let's move on to more of the important details...

The first thing to be aware of is that there is NO SIGNUP FEE or any other cost to get started doing this - I'll never ask you for a cent. You can basically start up and do this for as long or as little as you want since there are no strict schedules to abide by. I have actually been doing this for over 2 years and recently discovered that a simple post like the one you replied to is an excellent resource for finding people who can really benefit from this type of project. Like I said earlier I can pay you same-day payments if you want to use Paypal or I can send you money orders. If we go the money order route, please be aware I send them on the 1st and 15th of the month and those payments cover all earnings up to the day I send them out.

One thing I feel should be made clear right from the beginning here is that a LOT of people have figured out ways to scam these offer companies by making up fake names or using their friends' names to keep doing the same exact offers an unlimited number of times. Because of this, many of the more interesting offers will require that you prove your identity in some manner which might consist of providing a valid credit card that matches the name and address you are submitting to them. This is so they can instantly verify that you're a "real person" and not using a stolen or fake name. The terms will vary from offer to offer since each offer is owned and operated by a different company. Some of them will NOT require this at all, and you get to choose which offers you want to participate in so this should not be an issue. You never get told you must complete a specific offer and you always get to review their full set of terms and conditions before you decide to participate in any offer.

I'd like to take this time to sum up the 3 most common types of offers you are going to encounter on all of the sites that I do business with...

-First type: Offers that don't require ANY proof of identification from you, or any cards on file. These offers generally take up large amounts of your time and pay very little to the sites I work with, which means they'd be worth very little to you in the long run. Most people who try these very quickly see why the other offers are more popular among people who don't want to spend all day long on the computer.

-Second type: Offers that require you to place a card on file, but are still free and have no shipping charges. They do this so they know you aren't the same person who did their offer in the past under a different name. They only want each person doing each offer ONE time, ever. These are by far the most popular offers you will find because they're free and worth much, much more than the first type of offers I described above. (...and also take much, much less time to complete)

-Third type: Offers that require you to cover a small shipping or processing fee. These offers are also worth a lot to you, but are slightly less popular because many people don't feel they should have to cover any shipping or processing charges to make money... and you have the right to make that decision and pass up those offers if you so choose. I will say, however, that they're still much more popular than the first type of offer I described above and also take much less time to complete than the first type will take.

Alright, now for something very important – I want to be 100% clear that you are not required to keep any trials longer than their intended trial period. For example if you decide to try one that says it is 7 days, then you are simply required to keep active and really TRY it for around 5 days. As long as they see you kept active longer than half of the trial term before ending it, then you should be fine. The reason they are willing to pay for people to do this is that it's generating word-of-mouth advertising for them. Think about it – If a company pays 300 different people all over the US to try their product for a few days, then there's a pretty safe bet that at least some of those people will really enjoy the product and might mention it to their friends... and their friends might then go out and find that product to purchase. Many people think that the requirement is that you become paying members after the trial periods, but that is not the case at all. As long as you show that you really did give it an honest try, they'll be happy with that. This form of advertising WORKS and works in a very big way. More and more companies are joining in on this type of incentive marketing each and every day. Both well-known companies and virtually unheard of companies are using it.

IMPORTANT FACT: I'd like to mention that what I do has been featured on various news reports and by various websites like MSN Money Central, PTMoney, and many others. There are even entire web forums and communities dedicated strictly to this type of work-at-home process, although they do make it a bit more confusing than dealing 1-on-1 with a personal mentor would be. Many people have the impression that 99% of things that are online based must be scams, so that's why I am mentioning this.

Some additional information for you to consider...

It's important for me to mention that I don't actually own or operate any of the sites I will be sending you to. I simply play the role of a mentor and trainer so that people can succeed using these sites for profit where others would have failed if they tried to come in alone and untrained. I also help to convert your payments faster, meaning that most of the time I am paying you before the sites have even paid me for your completions since most of them only pay me once a week. This is another example of why we must trust one another since I'm usually going to be paying you before I've seen any of my own money come in. If you end up not following directions properly or using false information, then I'll be the one who doesn't get paid by the sites.

Lastly I'd like to once again mention that this should only be considered a part time income, or side project for you. If you end up wanting to take it full time later on (months from now) as a mentor then I can help you to reach that point, but for now you should strictly treat it as something small.

So, what would you like to do? If you would like to give it a shot I can send you the full set of instructions (which includes your payout rates and details) via email for you to look over and get started as you feel comfortable. Also keep in mind that I am online nearly every day and always willing to answer any questions. It's my job to make sure you do well with this, or neither one of us makes any money together.

Yes I know, it's long. Obviously, I'm not stupid enough to give out my credit card information.

Does it sound like a scam to you guys?

tl;dr: Chick says there are three types offers:

1.) They ask you for no identification, pays little money, takes longest time. 2.) Ask you for a valid credit card, but is free, pays more, takes less time. 3.) Pays the most, but asks you to pay for shipping.

Pay by paypal or money order.
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Someone tl;dr it.
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If you ever made any kind of deal on the internet, you're lucky if it isn't a scam.

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Don't be a bitch. Give him your credit card number.

ALSO, if you really wanna make some money, give him your SSN too.

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any kind of job that asks you for a credit card number is a scam. why would they need this information?

also, most times if you have to ask if its a scam, its a scam.
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