So i ordered a Jackson DKMG on ebay on the 10th, he took it to the post office on the 11th, and it STILL hasnt even shipped out, what the hell?

has anyone had this kind of experience when shipping a guitar through usps?
it should be here by the 18th but looks like thats not gonna happen...

im a paranoid person, so im thinking he might have like taken it to get shipped in the afternoon, then went the next day and picked it up and canceled it, so if i opened a case he would have a number that said he had shipped?

Is this even possible? Or would they show that they cancelled on the website?

i called and the post office and the guy was absolutely no help at all...just said the computer said it was still in acceptance and acted like a smartass


heres the number 0309 1140 0001 5987 4325
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wait you are saying it should be there by the 18th of march?
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Yeah, USPS typically doesn't track the package like UPS or FedEx does. They let you know when they get it, and when you get it. That's about it. You'll probably have your guitar on time.
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im a paranoid person,

You just answered your own question. Chill out.
dude, it's been 4 days, give it a chance. if it was 10 days, then i could understand, but come on..
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^ well besides that, being paranoid has been a useful tool

the kid just sounded fishy from the start. but yeah i guess 4 days isnt long, just seems forever since im anticipating this guitar so much

and cool, ive never had anything shipped by usps, wasnt sure how their tracking worked
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JSYK, USPS sucks at tracking big times... I once had headphones delivered by them, it took 10 days, and I had no clue the whole time when it would arrive.
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USPS doesn't always update their tracking by the second. Calm down. I've had things shipped to me that arrived on time, yet on the USPS website it showed that it was still only picked up by the post office. He gave you a tracking number and the number is legit. It was sent the day he said, so I don't see a problem here. He's held up his end up the deal, not his fault USPS isn't updating. You'll get your guitar don't worry.
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Post offices also don't ship on weekends at all as far as I know, so really it's been there for a working day and a half.
I once ordered an xbox 360 memory card that was more then 2 weeks late so I canceled it and got my money refunded. Ordered another one and got it. A week after that the original order
I've also had things already delivered and the usps website still says "electronic shipping info received" or something similar.
Be patient man. It's only been four days. He brought it on the 11th, and the 12th-13th was the weekend, so they don't ship. It probably just began the trip to your house yesterday. It's easily possible you'll get it either this Friday or next Monday.
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didnt know they dont ship out on saturday, thats what got me worried, i was like two full days that they could have shipped out but yeah
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Have you tried contacting the seller?
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Actually you do not count weekends because packages do not ship out on Saturday or Sunday. So in reality it's only been two days, and even then it takes them time to process the package.

just relax and it will get there.
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yeah, after the first two days he wouldnt reply, then finally said he was looking for a box. then he took it to usps the next day.

last message from him was saying he secured the shit out of it with bubble wrap and bought insurance and delivery confirmation.
i wonder... since there's no sig. confirmation, if i could say someone must've stolen it, then i would get a free guitar, and he would get the money for it... hmm.

nah thats ****ed.