I have a vintage Boss CH-1 Super Chorus pedal, made in 1988. Can you guys think of any pedal which can get approximately the same tones? I've tried out the new Bosses of the same model, but they have a much different sound, I think.

This is for my band's other guitar player- we're trying to have complimentary effects pedals, and Chorus is definitely a necessity. But it's a little difficult to find another one of what I have, given the age.
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I tried a Line 6 modeller a few years ago and A/B'd it with a CH-1, CE-2 an MXR unit and a Small Clone - handled them all pretty well.
Although the slight difference in sound between two similar but different effects could be quite complimentary and make your total sound bigger as a result.
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I'd say and pre-2000 ch-1s would work. The made the switch to digital in 2001 i think. Failing that maybe a boss ce-3
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