Hey guys, just got a Fender Blues Jr and it totally kicks ass. With my LP and the gain up I can get some crazy hard rock/Zeppelin/AC DC tones...but with my strat and tele, i just can't get enough gain. Chords still sound pretty distorted but single notes just don't sound crunchy enough or ring out long enough.

So does anybody have any suggestions for a pedal that will give me just a bit more gain on top of what I have to get my single coil guitars really rocking?

My budget is not much about $100 to $130-$150 at the most. My amp and genres are stated above, but I am also trying to go for some of RHCP's heavier tones as well. Thanks for the help.
Seymore Duncan SFX-01 is pretty good - I rarely play any single coil guitars but the guitarist in my old band in the UK had one and it did a great job, to my ears.

You should be able to find a used one for your budget.
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I was just coming in here to recommend the Duncan Pickup Booster. Never played one myself, but the pedal was made specifically for the purpose of making single coils sound beefier.
Will this pedal keep the integrity of my single coils? I'm not looking to turn them into humbuckers, I'm just trying to get a more distorted single coil sound because my amp can't get there on its own.
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It should do if dialled in right - failing that try a clean boost - http://www.pedalspluseffectswarehouse.com/Clean_Boost_s/44.htm

Damn thats a lot of money there, will something like a $50 bad monkey do the same thing or is that something totally different? becuase I'm a little bit short on money and I'd be willing to blow $50 on a pedal if it doesn't work out, but i'm more cautious throwing down $150 without knowing exactly how its going to sound.
A Bad Monkey would colour your tone, although you may find that's the result you desire after all....

Best bet is take your guitar to the nearest store and test a bunch of pedals in your price range to see what yields the best results. And if you can do that plug into the same amp - or closest - that you have. No point in trying out a pedal through a BadCat if your going home to play a Roland Cube...
It's an opinion. It's subjective. And I'm right, anyway.
i use a Digitech Hardwire Tube Overdrive with my strats. still sound like strats with more balls. if you up the level and ease up on the gain you can use it as a clean boost. i will mention that on single coils the notes do come out cleaner sounding so don't expect it to sound like a humbucker would. this is why a lot of guys like them when playing leads (myself included), you have to work a little harder but the individual notes don't much together like many humbuckers do.