I need a guitar book that teaches things like Improvisation, key signatures, intervals, harmonys, arppregios and other things like that. Most justly an all around good book that will teach me alot of useful stuff, anybody know any?
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There is one that comes to mind, I think it's called The Guitar Players Handbook, by Ralph Denyer...has a lot of great stuff all around.


I agree ... I had this book 20 years ago and it helped me more than any other book. Still good to dip into from time to time.
I have this book also. It was helpful and covers so many topics, it's laid out well and when someone I know takes up guitar this is my go to gift.

It includes sections on Legendary guitar players, legendary guitars/guitar anatomy, playing (basics, harmonic, melodic, advanced) guitar maintenance, stage set up recording set up basics, as well as a chord dictionary. It's scope really is broad and written specifically for modern guitarists.

It has errors though - which I didn't find till later on. It consistently uses enharmonic spellings incorrectly. (F where it should be E♯.

And there are somethings that are touched on but not explained in as much depth as is necessary to provide any more than a superficial understanding. But that is to be expected from a book that covers so much territory.

It's still worth having on your shelf.
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