This is actually pretty solid, as long as we acknowledge it is really your personal addition to "Canon." In that context, I would be interested to see this implemented into your own rendition of "Canon." The melody is very familiar to the song, though different enough to maintain its own section. Perhaps this may be viewed as "evil" or treading on sacred ground that is the classical composition "Canon", but there is not much more to say about what you have composed here; and there is no other sensible context. It has the same chord progression, the same driving melody line, and just the feeling of "Canon." Really, all I can say is that you should recompose and rework that classical piece and see what happens. I like your usage of different timbres here, which obviously sets it apart from the original.

Since your willing to do a C4C, feel free: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1420404
Yes mate, blatant rip of Canon. It actually started out as an acoustic piece where I just messed about but when I put in GP I realised I had nicked the melody as well as the chords. Still, has a different edge, what with the drums and whatnot. Still unfinished.
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