Hey guys, I'm currently tossing up between getting a 72' Telecaster Deluxe Mexico Re-issue (twin humbucker) or an American Standard Telecaster. I play mostly post-rock like the links below:




I also play rock/ambient/blues/folk. What do you think the better choice would be? I'm having a hard time choosing between the two.
i think the american std would be better. i think the single coils will give you better crisp cleans

id also highly consider the classic 72' tele custom with the pretty powerful single coil in the bridge and a fairly mellow humbucker in the neck for some added warmth
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I've been staring at the screen for the last four minutes trying to work out how "post-rock" works as a genre. That's like saying "current standard", which is....... yeah, anyway. That's neither here nor there. Moving on.

The 72 Deluxe is a really nice guitar and if you want the added power or humbuckers or just can't stand single coil hum then go for it. The Wide Range pickups the Deluxe has aren't quite like normal humbuckers, they have a slightly brighter and clearer tone because of the split coil design. They're not quite as bright-sounding as the original Wide Range humbuckers were but they're definitely brighter than regular 'buckers. The only problems the 72 Deluxe has is that the stock pots are 250k which can make response a little muddy, almost everyone changes these for 1meg pots or a 1 meg and a 500k per pickup. That brings back a lot of the clarity. The other problem is just typical MIM Fender stuff, you might get a neck with some rough fret ends and the finish is a little thicker and the nut is just a basic plastic one. Standard stuff, so long as you try the guitar first then you'll be bale to tell if you've found a good one or not.

The American Standard Tele definitely is always going to be the better guitar in terms of the basic, core build quality and the quality of the stock parts. But I think it's less flexible though and the fretboard and frets aren't quite as player-frendly as the neck on the Deluxe. The Standard has a slightly more curved 9.5" radius and slightly wider and slightly lower frets, which might be good for you if what you mostly play is lots of chord-based riffing but for solo notes and bending it's not so hot. The Deluxe has a 12" radius and slightly thinner and very slightly taller frets so that one is a little better for all-round play, though it does lack a 22nd fret which the American has.

Don't forget there's also the American Special which is almost exactly the same as the American Standard but cheaper and with a vintage style 3-saddle bridge which might actually suit that sort of music btter. It costs about the same as the 72 Deluxe.
i personally dont care for the 3 saddle bridge, i dont feel its intonation is as accurate as a normal 6 saddle

i donno im really a huge fan of the 72 Custom and think it would be a great guitar for you too but to each their own