I bought a Kel-Tec PF9 9mm semi-auto pistol a few weeks ago. So far I shot 118 115gr FMJ and it worked beautifully. Now I wonder what makes a good self defense rounds for carry. I looked up the ammo online and there's so many choices that I had to decide what works with a 3" barrel.

Y'all have favorite SD rounds?
Parker PDF30
Vox VT40+
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Its not really going to matter unless you're going into a combat situation. You're not gonna hit anything that far off with a 3" barrel, and you shouldn't need to for self-defense (I'm assuming you're in the US where the 'lethal zone' for a knife is 21'). Also, its not like they're wearing body armor. I would maybe lean towards hollow points, but short of that...
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guns are silly

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I use the firearms thread.
It's great for asking gun questions.

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I use the firearms thread.
It's great for asking gun questions.

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