I just opened up the back of my DL625 to try to diagnose a weird problem I have been having. Recently when playing with the bridge pickup selected the volume drops off dramatically leaving a dull tone drowned in noise. Sometimes it comes back if I touch the pickup or if I move the switch from the neck pickup and back again. I checked the jack and it is not the issue. Both pickups are grounded, but I do have a black wire soldered to the back of the neck pickup volume pot and the other end is not attached to anything. After looking at various diagrams I have no idea what this wire is. Also when the volume issue is not occurring I get a considerable amount of noise which disappears when I touch the cover of the bridge pick up. Any ideas what is going on here?
sounds like you might actually have two problems here..

the wire from the back of the pot likely goes to the bridge. it's a ground wire

the output of your bridge pickup cutting out sonds liek it might be an issue with the switch..
what kind of switch is it?
I fixed the ground wire issue. I can't belief I didn't recognize it was the ground wire for the bridge. I was examining the guitar in a dimly lit room and thought I saw a wire going from this pot to the bridge. I pushed it in the hole till the sound went away and used a toothpick to jam it in place. Don't wanna risk stripping the wood by pulling out the bridge posts. I have no idea what kind of switch it is. I've never had an issue with it until recently. Man this sucks lol.
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