I'm thinking of swapping my Carvin SX-200 for an Orange Tiny Terror.

I play mostly metal, but lots of Tool style stuff as well
and I have shiteloads of pedals and stuff, so I can pull off a metal sound no problem
through a tiny terror.

But is it worth it?

My Carvin is great and has plenty of power. 100 watt 2x12 and I don't even dare to take
the volume to 1. I run my effects into it and it sounds great.
I've heard that it's about as close as you can get to tube tone without actual tubes.

The tiny terror is only 15 watts, and can be switched to 7. It seems closer to the kind of
thing I would want, I don't need buckets of volume, especially with the ability
to use a PA system.
How much difference would having real tubes make?
a huge one, with an amp with that much power. unless you want headroom.
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The TT is a terrible amp, imo. The cleans are decent but the drive is just muddy and lifeless. And in the US they are way overpriced so don't let the price tag of a new one give you the false impression that you're getting a good deal.
I've heard one and it sounded great.
I don't actually need to drive the amp too hard. I'd use it clean, and
get most of the driven sound from my effects pedals and stuff if it was really that bad.
It's $600 NZ ($437 US)
Holy Crap.
Do Want!

How much is that gonna cost though?
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I would try to find something better suited for you. Im a huge carvin fan and think their SS amps are pretty good but it is not close to tubes sounds. Great for what it is but whoever said that is full of shit. The V3M looks great but you being out of the US will most likely cause a large price increase. Another guy was looking at one on here and said it was around 1000 euros for the head new. So it may not be your best option but look into it. Also, how often do XXXs pop up used around you? They are great amps as well, Ive made a couple changes to my 3120 and get a great Tool tone.
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The v3m is gonna be awesome from the soundclips ive heard... The SX definently beats the tiny terror, never have liked the tiny terror too much...
I'm up for building you a pedal.
(Or modding nearly anything moddable)
(PM Me.)
I don't get anything much popping up around me.
I'd love a Peavey. But I also need that low wattage option.
I also saw the Bugera Tri-Rec, which looks amazing an can be
turned down to 10 watts from 120.
What I want is a micro head for a reasonably low price.
I know it's not the best option for me, but as far as my price range at the moment goes,
and the availability of these sorts of amps, it's the best I've seen in a while.

I just checked the site and it said the V3M was NZ $1639 (US $1,196)
Which is crazy. I could try and buy it from the U.S. and get it shipped over I guess.

What do you guys think of the Krank Rev. Jr. 20 watt?
There's one going for $700 with the cab ($514 US)
I offered the amp as a swap, but he said he'd prefer cash, and said to make him
an offer on both, or just the head.
I tried one the other day and it sounded amazing, but is there anything I should
watch out for?
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