Classical guitarist, do you use an products, or diet diffrently to grow or strengthen your picking hand nails so they dont break as often?

Kinda homo but I asked my gf for tips and she bought me some nail harder, the hardener left a blue tint and bubbled up so I havent been using it.

Its so annoying when I finally get my nails to the length I prefer and then one breaks.
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Go get a manicure, you'd be surprised how many men get them.

Also the shape of the nail makes quite a bit of difference as well.
I'll try to explain.

For myself I have very flexible nails, that tend to tear if they get too long, so I have to keep them as short as I can to keep a good tone, and prevent them from tearing. I file my nails at an oblique angle, instead of filing them to a point in the center. Meaning my nail on the left side is longer than that of my right. I keep the left side slightly past my fingertip, and the right side about as short as I can. That's how I do it, it works for me and I like the sound, that said I rarely have them all in good enough shape to play.

I guess I should mention that I don't have a Classical Guitar. I hope that helps you out some.


P.S. I've heard for women getting pregnant is a horrible catch 22 for Classical Guitar, the Hormones give them really strong durable nails, while the belly makes for a serious obstacle for holding the guitar.
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I heard vitamin B? is useful for strengthening nails...also a product called

Mavala, which i heard Flamenco Guitarists use it...and ya know how they are on their nails!!!


haha 24 bucks. for some nail hardener.

thanks for all your help guys
Blues, classical, metal. Who says you cant love all 3?