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This seems like a thread that may not have been done before .

I don't mean pictures over the Internet or celebrities or whatever, but really just in person. Like you were walking down the street, and you go "OMG wallhaxx" because it's like you looked at yourself?

I haven't... but I'm interested to see if anybody has

Oh, I did once play an online flash game with a main character that used to look like me when I was younger...
This will start a RIOT! in me
I was once on a family holiday at a cottage somewhere out in the country and the nearest town was some tiny godforsaken blip on the landscape. We went to the local shop to get some food and the paperboy there and I looked REALLY alike.

Although the more I think about it, the more surreal that seemed, maybe I was dreaming? Who knows? Not me.
No. Luckily for me. Cant have too many beautiful people walking round now can we?

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No. Luckily for me. Cant have too many beautiful people walking round now can we?

You are beautiful.

Let's secks.
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In my town there is a kid who's about 14 that looks exactly like me at that age.
Granted I've never seen him in real life, but my ex girlfriend found his facebook and looking through his pictures was just scary.

Only explanation: time travel.
once in a guitar shop, i thought i was looking in the mirror for a split second, then to realize that i was staring at another guy with big long curly hair, was kinda amusing
yeah I met this guy once when we were filming a commercial, everyone kept confusing us and called us brothers.... but he's gay
Only on Facebook. Never in real life though. Not enough bearded gingers walking around.
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Only on Facebook. Never in real life though. Not enough bearded gingers walking around.

Irish by any chance?
This will start a RIOT! in me
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Only on Facebook. Never in real life though. Not enough bearded gingers walking around.

Pics or it didn't happen.

the guy on the far right looks practically exactly like me!! its creepy how much he looks like me and i dont even know him.

if you do the quiz that guy was the one who stole the world of warcraft CD
Yeah I've seen a couple of people who look pretty similar. The craziest though was actually one that I didn't meet/see in person. Some friends of mine went to a concert and they took a pic of a kid who looked pretty much exactly like me and tagged me on facebook. It was crazy, he was wearing a plaid shirt very similar to one I have and he even had the same glasses as me and a blue silicone bracelet on his left wrist. I spent the longest time trying to figure out where that picture was taken thinking I may have been blacked out at a party that I had completely forgotten but I could not for the life of me make sense of it. That's when I realized that it in fact wasn't me and my friends took the picture of some random kid and tagged me in it as a joke. My mind was blown.
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There was one kid in my class who some thought was my brother. He transfered out real fast.
But the only person I've ever seen who really looked like me was some dude on tv who was interviewing some person.
Yeah, but I walked past him. My friends were the ones that noticed.
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Which is annoying, cos I'm a girl and I like cock.

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But apparently I look like other peoples' random acquaintances because when I meet someone new, often times they ask me "Did you go to (insert school name here)?" or "Hey did you ever attend (insert church name here)?"
i dont really fit into any stereotype so i dont see a whole lot of other me's walking around.
yes lol once a fat version of me from the uk added me on myspace.

also people always think they see me out and about, but it always turns out to be someone else.

and once i saw this guy, and i went and got my photo taken with him cos he looked exactly like me lol
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and you go "OMG wallhaxx"


Makes me wanna play counter strike...
i don't know why i feel so dry
Yeah, my mate pointed him out to me and then the kids friends realised and kept looking over at me. It was quite funny.
If The Casinator turns up in this thread I just want to let you know someone in my school looks identical to you.

Do you by any chance have a twin living in Ireland?
I've seen a couple people that look similar to me. When I was out of state in Texas I saw someone who looked, acted, and was just like my step brother. It tripped me out.
If I did I'd feel bad for them and then they would feel bad for me.

But we both know that deep down inside we both love each others hair-do.
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Apparently I look so much like my best mate that we're often confused for brothers, I don't see the resemblance.
There was also this one time when I was high, I was walking down the street and some guy walked past that looked like me so I waved to him... Cos I thought he was me. Yeah.
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YES!!!!, but he is my twin brother.
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I wonder what an asian might say to this?
They can't tell me that in China with all those people, they haven't seen someone that looks like them?
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Trust me, never, ever happens.

Yup, that would never happen.
Old pictures of my grandpa look eerily similar to how i look now....
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I saw someone that looked exactly like me this one time, it freaked me out.

Turned out I was looking in the mirror.

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Never seen a random person look like me. People think me and my sister are twins but I find it strange because I think we don't look that much alike. She has curly hair and I have straight hair, I never curl it.
Yeah. I was way messed up in a strange night club and saw my "twin" walking right toward me. It turned out I walked into a mirror.
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