really like the name of the band. and that was great I highly enjoyed it. with the second guitarist was that chat or recorded separately?
It was recorded separately. Our lead guitar recently quit, so I just recorded the lead and threw it on there
I absolutely love old ADTR, especially the For Those Who Have Heart album. I like the new record too, just not as much as the older ones. I gotta give it to you guys though, I really dig the way you dudes covered this. The acoustic interpretation was spot on and the harmonies were pretty cool. Do you guys have any original stuff I can check out? By the way, I just posted a new song on my profile. c4c?
There's no "I" in team, but there is a "U" in cunt.
well it was great. I really enjoyed it and I am with danza bonanza I really love old ADTR but I enjoy the new album too always look forward when a band takes a new direction. and would like to hear original things
we are actually recording our original stuff this week and that'll be the next thing we post! if you like us on facebook or sub on youtube, we'll be able to let you know when its up