Hi guys,
I'm looking for some basic "starting points" for finding a good tone. What I'm looking for is a heavier, distorted tone, but not to the point where it's annoying. Kind of make sense? Almost like, somewhere between 80's high gain stuff and modern hard rock. For reference, my favorite bands include Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Skillet, other bands of a similar sound.

My gear is:
-Dean Vendetta, HH.
-Kustom Dart 10 amp with Low, mid, and high EQ, a Delay/Reverb toggle (and dial), a clean channel with volume, and a lead channel with gain and volume.
-Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal, with Volume, Tone, and Distortion controls.

Now I know tone is subjective, but I'm just looking for reference points. I'm still a newb at this.
Tone begins with the guitar, then pedals (if you have any), and then your amp. You amplifier ultimately provides your final tone, so if you have a crappy amp...

For example, a descent expensive guitar can sound like crap when played through a bad amp, while a cheap guitar can sound descent when play through an awesome amp.
Hmm. I'm not hugely into the stuff you listed, but I DO play some 80s hi-gain stuff, and my settings are generally like this:

Gain - 3 o'clock
Treble(Hi) - 3 o'clock, may go up a bit every now and then
Bass(Low) - 3 o'clock
Mids - 11 o'clock

I've no experience with that amp or the DS-1 though(I tried the BOSS Fuzz, Metalcore, OD3, Overdrive/Disto and Metal Zone, and couldn't get anything I liked out of all of those, so I gave up on them), so Iunno if that's exact. Also, if that Vendetta has Dean Zebras, or similar pickups, I'd turn the bass up a little more, I have an MLX that used to have Zebras(tossed a DiMarzio Super Distortion/PAF Pro combo in it, what a difference) and it sounded really bluesy/trebly so I ended up turning the bass up to compensate. Best of luck, man!
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The ds-1 is a good starting place for the tone you are searching after, but I think that the boss metal zone would serve you better. My friend plays in a band that does ax7 covers, and he uses a metal zone, so I think that would be a good place to start besides upgrading your amp.
This should be posted in the settings thread.

That said, it's going to be hard for you to get those tones with that gear. But as far as EQ goes, a general good place to start for what you play is Low: 12:00, Mid: 9:00, High: 2:00. Reverb 12:00 or to taste.

You can try using the DS-1 as a boost, but I don't know how well it will work, since it's not an OD. If you want to try that, max out the level, and turn the gain all the way down, and set tone to taste. Play on the lead channel on your amp, with the gain on 1:00, and vol to taste. If that sounds bad, then use the clean channel on your amp, set level to taste on the DS-1, and turn the gain up to 1:00.
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