Are there any major problems with buying a used guitar other than the guitar not being in perfect condition? like does the tone change over time? Ive had my guitar for about 3 years now, and to me it plays and sounds the exact same as it did... I have 1500 that i want to spend on a new guitar, i was thinking of buying a brand new Ibanez3770z prestige, or maybe buying a used one, thats what im trying to figure out
just in the case that you can, play it a few times before you buy it. test it out, make sure its still in great condition. if its all good, then yeah no problems with it
If you can play it in person and really take time to check it out I don't think it will be a problem buying used. I would actually encourage you to buy used if you're not the type that just has to buy new, because you can get some really great deals.

Just make sure to play every single fret on the neck and listen for any "dead" ones,
and check the neck to make sure it's not bowed in any direction other than away from the strings. You can also check to see if the pots or switch makes any noise through the amp when you adjust them, but these are problems that can be fixed fairly easily anyways.

Other than that I'd say if you actually like the tone of the guitar I doubt there will be any drastic change in sound if you take care of it.
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it's like buying anything second-hand. If you find someone who knew enough about guitars to pick a good one, and who looked after it well while he/she owned it, it'll probably be perfectly fine.

If, on the other hand, you unluckily find someone who didn't look after it, or worse, who's trying to offload something which is faulty/broken/just a lemon with nothing specific wrong with it, just it doesn't sound that great, then you're in for a less fun time.

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