I originally wanted to do a cover of Rebecca Black's Friday with the actual vocals, but I wasn't able to isolate them properly (here's what I have so far - http://soundcloud.com/zao_89/friday-death-metal-version). If you can help out, just send me a sample of your vocals so I can see if it's what I'm looking for.
I could do some really low inhale deathcore screams (kind of like whitechapel) If you wanted some of that, even just maybe for a small part or like underneath Odirunn's vox or something like that.

Here are my examples:

Smokahontas (I know this is an awful song example to use in association with a death metal project haha, but just listen to the vox :p)

Darkest Day Of Man - Whitechapel

And Weep - A Plea For Purging

I suggest it not as the "main" vocal track because my annunciation is pretty bad haha. I'm liking the sound of your cover though
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me and my guitarist and vocalist are down..

ex. of my vocalist with crap mic

check out Repose
i can do black dahlia style highs, reckon that would work.
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