So I've been playing guitar for a few years, but as far as fixing things and figuring out problems I don't a lot. I recently bought a used SG and have been having problems with the 17th fret. Whenever I bend a note on the high e and b strings on said fret, the note instantly dies. I'm assuming that this has to do with the strings being to low or something of that sort...can anyone tell me what's wrong with my guitar?
If it happens on most of the higher frets than it's the action. If it just happens on one than it could be a raised fret.
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I have the same problem on one of my guitars because I dropped it and the fret got a indent in it.

You can take it to pretty much any music store and they will level the frets for you. This is a common thing all guitars should have done after many years of playing. make sure you point out the spisific problem when you turn it over to them. If you say I need to have my frets leveled they should know what you are talking about. If they dont know what your talking about leave the store and never return.
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How much would it cost? Is there anyway I could do it myself and save money...?