So...I like to play in drop tunings right? But every guitar scale chart i look at is in standard... So how is it that artists that write in drop tunings stay musical?
If it's just the top string you drop down, it uses the same notes as the D string.
If it's the whole set, then just transpose the root notes of the scales. If you're playing an A major scale in standard, and you drop your guitar to C (2 whole steps down) it would be an F major scale (also 2 whole tones down)
They transpose it, lol. It's not an earth shatteringly difficult thing to do at all.
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Some scales aren't always started on the dropped string or if they are, they have to be adjusted a whole step.
Cause they have ears, a musical mind, and they practice making thing sound "musical".

The more musically minded can pick up a foreign instrument they have never seen get something musical sounding out of it.

You need to play with it and see what you can do and find some sounds you like.
Scales are a collection of notes played anywhere on the fretboard (or keys on a piano, or any other instrument). The shapes that are tabbed on the internet are in standard as that is the most common tuning (said hesitantly!) and are great for learning to play them at ease.
Learn the notes in a scale, or the intervals (scale formulae) between notes in a scale and you'll be able to play a scale anywhere on the fretboard in any tuning.