In the song chop suey its drop C tuning but the tab that sounds best and is highest rating only has the E dropped to D Is that wrong and if so is there a tab in C that sounds right.

Because the guitar in drop C sounds wicked for that song.
I'm sure they tune to C but there is no difference in patterns and finger placement between the two tunings.
The guitar and the bass don't necessarily have to be in the same tuning to work out properly man. I'm not a big SOAD fan so I'm not super familiar with the song, but its not uncommon for guitars and basses to be in different tunings from one another.
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It depends on what key you're playing in, only difference is that you don't have access to the low C and C#.
if i remember right when tony iommi started using c# tuning geezer stayed in e standard for the bass. iommi also tuned down to make playing less painful (prosthetic fingertips)
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Tune your bass to drop C and play the way youre playing while you listen to the song, if it sounds ok you need to either play it the way you are now but tuned to drop C or tune back up to D and play everything 2 frets lower. If it sounds wrong playing the way you do in drop C try moving all the notes up or down 2 frets until you hit what sounds right with the song.
I think shavo mostly plays in C, but I don't know that much about him.
Now for chop suey: that song doesn't use open notes and the lowest it goes is D# (not quite sure), so you can play it both in C or in D.

But generally speaking, having the guitar and the bass tuned the same makes everything way easier, especially in metal where you play a lot of riffs based on open strings.
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its not uncommon for guitars and basses to be in different tunings from one another.

Yeah, Interpol play guitar in standard and bass in drop-D. Works pretty well for them.
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I know that both the guitar and bass of SOAD is tuned to C on that album. You could find a way to play it in D but some notes would be a harmony since they hit open chords in C throughout the song.
Play along with the song and if it sounds right and it's comfortable for you, go for it.
The highest rated tab isn't always the best one by the way.
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no need to tune that low if they dont go that low when they play it. Eg. IF they are stuned down to D but never go below the lowest E, might aswell play it in E
Its probably in drop C, some people may have realized this, "copied" the riff patterns (like someone said) and played it in drop C, not Drop D.
Then they rated the tab high for being accurate in the pattern.

just my opinion.
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