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Okay, so EVERY SINGLE TUBE in my treasured Bugera 333XL head just died on me after I got it back from a friend of whom I loaned it to for a gig. I don't know what he did to the amp, but I do know that the tubes are really horrible now. I went in to a shop to make sure it was just the tubes, and yes, I've confirmed that there are no circuitry problems or the like. Anyways, on to why I am making this thread. So, I very obviously have to replace the tubes and I have my mind made up that I do want EL34s in the Power section and I've decided on some relatively inexpensive Ruby Tubes. It is the Preamp section that I am wondering about. So, I can only really afford two different kinds and I don't know which to get. I am debating over the Ruby Tubes ECC83/12AX7 tubes and some 'high gain' Tungsol 12AX7s.

I am curious as to if the Tungsol tubes would completely screw up my clean tone and/or make less headroom, perhaps. Also, the Ruby Tube 12AX7s that I mentioned have me very interested as well. The other guitarist of my band (Judgment Hammer) uses a Marshall JCM2000 TSL 100. On Musician's Friend, when you look at those Ruby Tubes, it says in bold "Get that true Marshall tone!". Obviously my 333XL isn't any Marshall, but I don't want to completely be the opposite of the other guitarist's tone. PLEASE HELP! I know pretty much nothing about how all this works.

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Get that true Marshall tone out of Rubys huh? just To get that true Marshall tone head over to ebay and look for some old British Mullard 12AX7's.
Stick a set of SED =C= output tubes in it. JJ's are good too. However, Shuguang EL34's sound remarkably good in Marshalls and will cost you quite a bit less.

Edit, oh you said you have a 333. Not even Mullards will make that sound like a Marshall. The guy was just jerking you around. Still, my recommendation stands. Find some nice NOS valves on Ebay for the preamp and take your pick between JJ and SED, I have no idea what Shuguangs will sound like in a 333.
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