Why ins't there a bass (upright) section here? I know bass guitar is close to bass, but at the same time it is much different, I think they should have a section for Bass. It gets annoying not being able to find a forum for bass and other instruments too. I wish they had a bass section so you can be helped and learn something new. I am experienced but I have been playing guitar for awhile time and I find new things on here for guitar. Hopefully UG gets a bass section up :/
I'm not sure, but it might have something to do with the fact that this is ultimate-guitar.com, a place for discussing guitars, which includes the bass guitar but does not include the upright bass, which is more closely related to the violin family of instruments. That's just my theory, though. I could be wrong.
Good point, but yet if they are going to have a bass guitar section possibly a bass sub-section atleast?
While we're at it, let's add a cello section. It plays in bass clef. Close enough.
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While it would be cool, it wouldn't fit in UG. But hey, Kudos to you for learning that instrument, love how Upright Bass and Cello sound.
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Why is there no drums section on UG? Or harmonica?

Because they have nothing to do with bass guitar.

Simply put?
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What about violin? They have strings. So they have a lot to do with guitars.

Then you have a bad view of guitars, obviously the only reason why I thought of basses are because they are bass guitars with out frets and you play bass upright, any more dumb remarks? but I see where you are getting this though.
You know you can talk about upright bass there, right?

Well, you can.
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