Tomorrow I'm hanging with this girl(really cool so far, smokin hot) under the pretences that I'll show her some of my music.

I think I'm might try to pursue a relationship with her, and hopefully she'll dig some of the music I do. What are some metal songs that will be easy to make a non metal lover start to like metal? I don't want to whip out amon amarth and make her think all metal is death. And on the other hand I don't want power metal with super corny lyrics that will make her cringe.

Any help is appreciated(both for the music and the girl in general)
If she doesn't like it then you don't have to force it on her. There's a lot more to music than teh metuhlz.

If you don't know anything other than metal than I'd suggest instead that you ask her to show you her music.
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Wait, aren't you supposed to show her your music?

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Im pretty sure that isn't correct.
Convert her to this instead. It's much heavier than any of that metal shit.
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Depends what bands you're talking about. If you're into Dream Theater or Iron Maiden type stuff, they usually have some songs that are quite easy to get into even if you don't like the genre. You have to ease into it. Start with the less heavy songs to get a feel for the style of music, then up the ante.
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