I was greeted by girlfriend -- after a long day in the salt mines -- with this beauty.

It was a scratch-n-dent from Musicians Friend on which I decided to take the plunge (since George Harrison and Chet Atkins are two of my guitar idols). What a beauty it is; not a scratch is visible to the naked eye.

Ebony fingerboard
Spruce archtop
Maple body
Filtertron pickups
gold-plated hardware

The sound is big and beefy -- almost acoustic like. My RSA 31 loves the Filtertrons and gets very Fab 4-ish. However, keep the gain in check because the feedback can get out of hand fast. My RX Overdriver settings and the Country Club did not get along at all. The neck is nice and fat and very baseball bat-like (just how I like it). Overall, it makes a great clean/light break up guitar suited for country, jazz, and folk.
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Quote by Gibson06
where in the world is there a defect on that thing?

I have no idea.
looks very nice man HNGD!!!
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That's gorgeous man... HNGD...
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Looks awesome. If you're ever in memphis, go to the Gibson factory there. That's where they make all the hollowbodies.

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