Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to look at my thread.

I recently became the proud owner of a TC Electronics G-Force 1. Sadly, Im also the disappointed owner of a Marshall JVM (Im using the term owner, but i actually own none of these ) Along with that, a line 6 relay, furman power conditioner and a rocktron HUSH C. All rack mount obv.

So my dilemma is, Its really, really damn noisy. I've noticed that the marshall itself is noisy too, when run dry but it is almost unbearable with the G-force. ive tried running it through the hush c and my own personal boss NS-2 and they both made it worse. Like, unplayable worse. I also tried running the Hush C and NS-2 through the poweramp loop, and to no avail, nothing.

everything is set to Mono, and i know the cables are good because i tried the set up on my personal Carvin legacy and it had minimal hiss. still a little though, just nothing obnoxious and the feed back didnt sound like...well really bad feedback.

everything is run through the pre amp fx loop unless otherwise noted.

What are some things to consider?